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5 Reasons to Try Unmoderated User Research

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Unmoderated testing tools are like having a research assistant that works 24/7. They can quickly find participants eager to try products, which saves time on recruitment. Plus, there’s no need to schedule sessions around a researcher’s availability, so results are faster. These tools even help analyze the data and present it in clear ways. While they might not be perfect for every situation, they’re a great option for getting quick user insights, especially when on a tight budget or working on a fast-paced project.

1. Consistent User Experience

Unmoderated tools ensure all participants receive the same questions and tasks, in the same order. This removes any human bias a researcher might introduce in a moderated session, leading to cleaner, more reliable data.

2. Fast Recruiting

Gone are the days of lengthy recruiting processes! These tools have built-in pools of participants, allowing studies to get started within a day or two.

3. Speedy Completion

Building on fast recruitment, these tools often see studies completed within 48 hours. Participants can complete sessions simultaneously, significantly reducing the time it would take for a researcher to conduct moderated sessions.

4. Shareable Storytellers

Unmoderated testing tools allow easy sharing of user insights with stakeholders in the form of video clips, audio recordings, and text quotes directly from the platform. This brings the user experience to life and fosters a deeper understanding of their needs.

5. Efficient Insights

Unmoderated tools are a powerful way to gather quick user feedback to inform design, product, and business decisions. But remember, “quick” doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Clearly defined study goals and careful setup allow for research success.

Having rapid user research at our fingertips is an asset and leaves few excuses for excluding user-informed data from decision-making. Unmoderated research tools empower researchers to efficiently extract key insights, informing design, product, and business decisions with the voice of the user front and center.


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