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Virtual Reality is here. How should your brand activate today?

According to Forrester, the demand for VR technology and experiences is expected to increase nearly sixteen times by the year 2020. The technology is ready to activate — from tetherless solutions like VR videos to fully immersive experiences that create a virtual world to explore. We got together with some of the greatest minds in Virtual Reality to discuss current opportunities for brands and to answer key... read more

Rocketeer Charity | Reel Recovery

Every month, Rocketeer hand pick a charity to support, and Reel Recovery is our selection for the month of October. Reel Recovery is a national non-profit organization that runs free fly-fishing retreats for men living with cancer. According to their website, Reel Recovery helps men in the cancer recovery process by introducing them to the healing powers of fly-fishing. Founded by a group of avid fly-fishers... read more

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Why Brands Should Optimize for Google Assistant

Google’s Pixel Event heavily focused on hardware. They announced Pixel (the first phone designed by Google), an updated Chromecast supporting 4K UHD video, Google Home, and more. What do all of these devices have in common? Google Assistant. So, where... read more

Google Daydream VR Headset color options with the title of the blog above the headsets

Google VR: What Does Daydream Mean for Brands?

Google recently announced Daydream, a virtual reality platform, and headset. Google focused heavily on the style, and ergonomic design of the headset using athletic grade fabric on the head mounted display with multiple color options. It is said to be 30%... read more

Bottle Rocket’s Journey Into Quality Assurance Automation

In today’s mobile world, quality assurance automation is a new necessary in successful testing. It allows us to be hyper-focused on the quality of our client’s work by checking overlooked things without using team resources. At Bottle Rocket, we’ve defined a formal process for it that allows our QA team to concentrate on more complex testing. It wasn’t easy developing an automation process from scratch.... read more

Bottle Rocket at 360iDev: CoreAnimation Using Swift Playgrounds

Recently, iOS Developer Russell Mirabelli spoke at 360iDev, a four-day iOS developers conference in Denver. During the event, Russell hosted a session titled “200: Better CoreAnimation Using Swift Playgrounds.” The session covered using Swift playgrounds to quickly iterate through ideas, an overview of CoreAnimation, and how to significantly improving on the edit/compile/test cycle to quickly create great visual... read more

Beyond Music, AirPods, and UX

We’ve had some time to think about the event, and we’ve noticed something interesting about Apple’s new focus. We already know they’re working to create a seamless user experience across their suite of products, but now there are new opportunities to engage with users when they are not actively interacting with a device.   A Strategist’s Perspective on Apple’s September Event Although there... read more

Gary Golden Named CFO of the Year Honoree

Every year, Dallas Business Journal honors chief financial officers and their teams who help deliver outstanding performances for their companies. We’re pleased to announce that Gary Golden, Bottle Rocket’s executive vice president of finance and operations, has been honored in this CFO of the Year award. Gary joins other honorees from DFW-North Texas companies across all industry sectors acknowledged for... read more

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Rocketeer Charity | Little Kids Rock

Every month, Rocketeers pick a charity to support, and Little Kids Rock is our choice for September. Little Kids Rock is an organization dedicated to ensuring all public school children have the opportunity to unlock their inner rock star. Little Kids Rock... read more