December 9, 2020

Developed by Bottle Rocket with Notifications by Airship, Caesars Entertainment Unveils Enhancements to its Guest Experience with its First Ever Apple App Clip

DALLAS, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Bottle Rocket, a leading digital experience company, today announced the launch of an Apple App Clip for its partner Caesars Entertainment, the largest casino and entertainment company in the U.S. This innovation allows on-site guests to locate their hotel room and book restaurant reservations quickly and easily without downloading the Caesars Rewards mobile app. The App Clip also leverages push notifications from Caesars' engagement partner, Airship.

"With App Clips, Caesars is now able to offer guests a contextual, powerful utility at their point of need."

"We are proud to have partnered with Caesars to design and develop this new engagement channel that has the power to drive immediate business value," states Rajesh Midha, Bottle Rocket's Chief Experience Officer. "With App Clips, Caesars is now able to offer guests a contextual, powerful utility at their point of need while also driving app downloads and usage among current and prospective loyalty members."

Launched earlier this year, App Clips are simple, powerful, native app experiences that give users the convenience of accomplishing a specific task without downloading a mobile app. Highly contextual in nature, App Clips are accessible via QR codes, NFC touchpoints, or from links within brand communications, and can help eliminate friction from the customer journey while also improving the discoverability of a brand's full native mobile experience.

"Via Caesars' App Clip, we are able to offer guests a frictionless means of navigating their way through Caesars Palace Las Vegas and an 'on the spot' ability to book a restaurant reservation at Flamingo Las Vegas with ease and convenience," said Jeffrey De Korte, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing for Caesars Entertainment. "Simultaneously, we are enhancing the overall brand experience for our guests, driving trial of our loyalty app and removing barriers to commerce in ways we never could before." 

"Caesars' smart use of transactional App Clip notifications is a great demonstration of the proactive and personalized experiences customers can expect from their full loyalty app," said Bernardo de Albergaria, Airship's Chief Commercial Officer. "App Clips address some of the biggest and most expensive marketing challenges of the past decade — app discovery and user acquisition — while helping marketers prove the value of notifications before asking for the opt in."

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June 22, 2020

Bottle Rocket Engineers Create Finalist App for Google’s Android Challenge

The Android Challenge reemerged in December 2019 with a new global ask of the developer community. The goal was to create helpful innovations powered by on-device machine learning (ML). Not ones to shy away from any challenge, a team of Bottle Rocket engineers, along with our friends at Google, collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind app that not only earned them a finalist position in the Android Challenge, but also solved a key issue for the visually impaired.

The goal of the Path Finder app is to help users navigate through public environments and all the unknowns surrounding them. Leveraging the ML capabilities of Android, Path Finder helps people with visual impairments by identifying and calculating the trajectories of objects moving in their path. Custom alerts then inform the user of how to avoid these obstacles and what actions they can safely make.

"What started as a simple idea among Rocketeers was selected as one in a handful of finalists out of over 500 applicants," says Colin Shelton, Lead Android Engineer. "Our ML club is always looking for new opportunities to flex our technical chops and experiment with technology in new ways and this challenge was the perfect opportunity to do just that while also doing something good for the world."

The app brings together object detection and depth mapping and uses TensorFlow Lite to calculate distances of surrounding objects. It is designed to augment the user's experience, share information, and give support, not overwhelm them in difficult situations. Both audible and haptic feedback are part of alert system, while a range of pitches and frequencies communicate each object's distance and direction. Audio patterns, like Morse Code, are then layered and combined for sharing further information. The app helps visually impaired users gain the advantage of foresight, making public environments easier to navigate.

"I am so impressed with this team of engineers and other Rocketeers who worked hard to produce the Path Finder app," says Calvin Carter, Bottle Rocket's Founder and CEO. "It's proof that a small group of committed and passionate people all leaning in the same direction can achieve big things together."

The Path Finder app is currently featured among other finalists in a curated ML collection by Google. Download the app here:

Read more about this story here.

Find out about the other winners here or here.

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June 15, 2020

Bottle Rocket launches Juneteenth Movement with a call to action for all businesses to join

Today, Bottle Rocket made a bold commitment to its employees, the Dallas community and the world by launching what the company is calling the Juneteenth Movement. This movement is intended to bring together businesses in Dallas and beyond to put a voice and actionable change behind the racial injustice that plagues our nation.

The company is taking a stance against inequality and asking others to join them in their fight. Both in recognition of the oldest known celebration honoring the end of slavery in the United States (Juneteenth) and in support of the change we need in today's world, Bottle Rocket openly invites all businesses to join together and commit to greater awareness, meaningful reflection and deeper empathy not just on Juneteenth, but every day of the year. 

"As Juneteenth approaches, we felt there was no better time to stand up and make a bold statement about what we have chosen to do as an organization that firmly believes in diversity, inclusion and racial equality for everyone," says Calvin Carter, Bottle Rocket's Founder and CEO. "We are not treating this like another day off, but instead taking action to truly bring about change both here in Dallas and hopefully everywhere. We must fight the natural inertia that surrounds this topic and seek to be better and more aware humans each and every day."

Bottle Rocket has designated this Friday, June 19th as a company-wide day of reflection, learning and action for its 250 employees in Dallas and invites other organizations to do the same. The company has created a starter pack of ideas and resources for reflection, learning and action that can help any company or organization quickly organize and join the movement. The company has also created an advisory board that is committed to inclusion, condemning racial injustice and standing up against inequality.

"This is a call to arms of sorts. By joining together, we can do so much more than we can alone," says Joslin Sansom, SVP of Client Success at Bottle Rocket. "I am personally passionate about ensuring that we commit beyond just this moment in time and take action now and on a continual basis. We must start openly advocating for what is just and this invitation to join us is one small step in the right direction."

Carter adds, "We have gathered a large number of suggested activities in each of the three categories of reflection, learning and action. We gladly give all of these things to anyone willing to listen to us. We certainly don't have all of the answers, but what we have is a passion for change and a playbook to share. I personally invite you to join us and the countless others that are committed to learning together, broadening the conversation and taking action. We know what we can do on our own, but if we all work together, we can do so much more."

To join the movement and receive the starter pack of ideas that Bottle Rocket has prepared, please visit It includes everything you will need to have your company or organization join the movement.

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May 20, 2020

Bottle Rocket Founder Announces A Re-energized “Work from Wherever” Future for the Company

Earlier today, Bottle Rocket Founder and CEO Calvin Carter announced a permanent "Work from Wherever" future for the Dallas-based company. This new way of working offers a more relevant, contextual, productive and personalized way to work for its employees, demonstrates the company's continued commitment to its clients, and further illustrates its progressive and innovative culture and philosophy.

Nearly a decade ago, the company pioneered the concept of working cross-functionally in pods which later became the norm for many companies around the globe. But in the current environment, the company recently shifted to a work from home mandate to protect employees and their families during COVID-19. And now the company is expanding this concept for the future to mean wherever an employee wishes to work – at home, in the office, across the country, or even abroad.

For the past two months, through the use of technology, advanced tools and revamped processes, the company has been able to continue "business as usual" among its employee base while still delivering immense value to the customers they serve. Every process or practice was essentially "rethought," including how to collaborate, socialize, share, forecast workloads, conduct reviews, and even request time off.  

"Due to our unique style of cross-functional collaborative working, we had to quickly and proactively take measures to ensure our employees felt supported and that our clients continued to receive the value that we are known for. I am very happy to say that while working remote, the quality of our work and productivity has not suffered, yet our employees' quality of living has increased. COVID has accelerated existing trends in both consumer and employee behavior, thrusting us into our own future," states Carter.

He continued, "Because of the successes we've seen and the 'new normal' we are all adjusting to, Bottle Rocket is now on the forefront of the next shift in collaborative working by ensuring our employees can work from wherever they want. This will enable a better work/life balance, help us recruit the best and brightest talent from anywhere in the world, and help us continue leading the market in creating innovative and customer-centric digital experiences for our clients. This is not an iteration of our previous working style – it's an all-new attitude and an all-new way to think and act. We've tossed out all previous notions and are moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to our people and our craft."

The company is committed to upholding its dedication to quality and excellence which will require different approaches for different situations. Calvin also added, "We acknowledge some meetings will require in-person collaboration, so teams will still need to come together from time to time. But we will also accommodate other arrangements that allow our people to be as productive as possible. We are considering the need for additional tools, technologies, and cultural rituals to help our Rocketeers be their most productive selves and will also be making adjustments to our in-office environment to best serve our company's future."

Bottle Rocket's work has never been more important or in demand than it is now, with consumer behavior making digital touchpoints mandatory for brands. The company calls this shift the "Connected Lifestyle" and it will continue to greatly impact every age and socioeconomic group. "Brands cannot ignore this and expect to survive much longer," states Carter. "This is our new normal and brands must embrace digital as their future success depends on it."

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April 7, 2020

Bottle Rocket Launches Formal Product Growth Practice

Today, Bottle Rocket, a leading digital consultancy announced the formal launch of its Product Growth Practice. This announcement solidifies Bottle Rocket's continued commitment to evolving its services and offerings in conjunction with client and industry demands. Over the years, Bottle Rocket has built over 450 mission-critical digital and mobile experiences for its clients. With end-customer expectations shifting almost daily, it is now more important than ever that Bottle Rocket helps their clients drive continuous product improvements in order to achieve business goals.

"There are four standard levers that all digital experiences, or products, are looking to maximize: acquisition, conversion, engagement and retention," remarks Tim Duncan, Bottle Rocket's Product Growth Practice Lead. "We've been at the forefront of helping clients maximize their digital experiences since our inception in 2008. But as clients continue to ask for more sophisticated ways to drive results, the formalization of a Product Growth Practice matters now more than ever. We are committed to our clients' long-term success and this is one step forward in solidifying that commitment."

To support clients' growing Product Growth needs, Bottle Rocket has developed strong partnerships with industry-leading products and technologies and has worked to earn certifications that can help clients with their implementation needs. These tools are cutting edge and work seamlessly together to help clients maximize their mobile communication and growth efforts.

"Today, we are formalizing something we have been doing for years and demonstrating our commitment to creating superior digital products that drive competitive advantage for our clients," says Rajesh Midha, Bottle Rocket's Chief Strategy and Operations Officer. "The world is changing around us and digital experiences are the lifeline to help businesses remain connected to their customers. Growth is the future of digital."

To learn more about Bottle Rocket's Product Growth Practice or to request a free virtual Lunch & Learn for your team, please visit

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